Last week when we were at Wheelgate Adventure Park Bob chose a brilliant time to do a poo. We had just battled through the snow to get to the soft play area, where there were no toilets. I had just removed Bob’s snowsuit, shoes, hat, scarf and gloves. Bob had just climbed to the top level of the soft play area when she went quiet and started acting suspicious.

I confirmed that she had pooed and started preparing for our arctic journey to the baby change. I have a little bag for wipes that came with the nappy bag and as Bob is now older and nappy changes tend to be less dramatic I usually just take this bag, containing one nappy, wipes and some nappy bags and the changing mat to the changing room rather than carry the whole bag with me. I will never do this again!

Bob and I arrived at the toilet and I popped her on the changing table. I had just started to remove her jeans when she moved her arm and knocked the wipes off the changer. They landed in the toilet! What are the chances?!?

As they were the only wipes we had (on our day out not just in my little bag) I had no choice but to retrieve them. Luckily the pack was well sealed! After fishing them out washing them and drying them under the hand dryer we were ready to proceed.

I removed Bob’s dirty nappy and started to put her clean one on. Bob thought that this would be the perfect time to practise River Dancing. In the struggle between myself, the nappy and Bob’s flailing legs I must have pulled the nappy tab too hard. It came off in my hand! What are the chances?!?

As that was the only nappy I had brought into the baby change I rang Michael to ask him to bring us another. His phone was engaged! There was no signal in the soft play area!

I tried not to panic! Not understanding how phone signal works I decided to e mail Michael, thinking that he would receive this without signal. I simple wrote, ‘Help! Come to the baby change!’ Obviously he didn’t receive this. I continued to ring him and tried to stay calm.

Just as I was planning our trip back through the blizzard with a nappy less Bob when we hadn’t brought a change of clothes he answered. The signal fairies must have been watching over us! We were saved!

From now on I will always make sure I have two nappies with me at all times!

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    Oh know what a nightmare-hope you can see the funny side now though 🙂 reminds me of a month ago when Sam did an exploding poo when I’d only taken the bare essentials to the changing room!


    Hahaha….that’s happened to me a handful of times – I once had to walk through a wedding party with a child who had exploded all down a trouser leg and I hadn’t realised. I’d just taken a nappy and wipes, obviously couldn’t then put the nappy back on so I’d wrapped them in loo roll and replaced the trousers very carefully before going back for the full changing bag…. 😀


    Noooooo that’s like all the nappy nightmares happening all at once!! You will never forget extra nappies now though 🙂


    Its a parenting right of passage to leave the house without enough changing equipment. My daughter did a poo, I thought she was also done so took off her nappy at which point she squirted poo all over the cream carpet, cream sofa and me ( unfortunately not my cream sofa or carpet). I had ONE wipe on me!


    This made me laugh. Things like this happen to us all the time x


    Oh dear! I think you win! :0) x x

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