I have known when I was going to take my May Me & Mine photo since the beginning of the month. How could I not chose Bob’s birthday?


The day that our baby girl turned 2!


The day that we had a party with our friends & family.


The day that Bob was running around outside until it was time to go to bed.


The day that I ate far too many sweets!


The day that my husband agreed to wear a bright green wig!


The day that we were clowns. 🙂


As always, the 7 of us involved in the Me & Mine project are going to link up in a big circle. By following the links you will be able to travel around all of our posts and end up back here. I love travelling around the circle each month! This week I am sending you to Becky’s lovely blog, Ar-Blog.


We have also had some lovely posts linked up to the Me & Mine linky each month. I’ve shown you Me & Mine, now you show me You & Yours! 😉

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We are going away for the weekend but I will enjoy catching up with all of your posts as soon as we get back!

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  14 Responses to “Me & Mine – A Family Portrait Project”


    These are BRILLIANT! And so funny. You all look amazing as clowns! xx


    Ahhhhhh, I love that it’s a birthday photo. After all that is what May is all about for you, so it’s perfect. You look like the three of you are having an absolute blast which is fab. X


    That’s so lovely! You look like you had so much fun 🙂


    These are absolutely beautiful! You all look amazingly happy. I love how you are smiling with each other and not just the camera! A great way to mark such a special day! LOVE x


    This is an amazing shot! You put so much effort on for her party! You all look incredible!!!


    Hooray!! Love love love that you dressed up! Just about got my husband to agree to wear a ring master jacket and that’s it! What a man you have – can’t wait to see more photos! xx


    Fun!! A really colourful shot!


    Love this!! So colourful and looks like so much fun.


    These are awesome – I can tell that you all had a great day!


    what a great idea! i love it! you three look so adorable

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    I love the photos!


    Lovely family pictures, so bright & colourful x


    You look like you are having so much fun! x


    Aw, these are lovely. Sounds like she had the perfect day!

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