Jun 282013


I’m photographing my friend and her little family tomorrow so I thought that Bob and I should test drive some of the props. 🙂


I am very excited but I am also quite nervous as this is the first time that I have officially photographed anyone. When you just happen to have your camera with you nothing is expected but after a planned photo shoot you expect to have some lovely photos. Wish me luck!


* Please ignore the marker pen. These were taken very quickly and I didn’t realise that Bob had been drawing with her Daddy whilst I was setting things up.

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  10 Responses to “Letters”


    These are gorgeous. I love how her dress matches. X


    Beautiful photos. The best photos are always the natural ones.


    Bob looks gorgeous as ever in these photos. I swear she gets cuter with each photo you post. Good luck with your photo shoot. x


    Ooh how exciting! I hope the shoot goes well x


    Such lovely pictures, I’m sure you photoshoot ones will be gorgeous too!


    She looks sooo gorgeous in these pics!


    She’s just so bloody gorgeous!! X


    I love these photos, great idea to use letters 🙂


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