I can’t believe that we are halfway through our 2013 Me & Mine photos! Where has this year gone?

I thought that this we be a good time to reflect on all of our Me & Mine photos to date. This also might be a good distraction from the fact that my June Me & Mine photos are a bit of a disaster.

These were taken last night. Far too last minute for my liking! There was no make up or hair straighteners involved, I think I might live to regret posting these, and they pretty much sum up my month.

June has passed me by in a blur! We have been so busy and Bob has taken not sleeping to a whole new level. Many hours have been spent with my husband and I trying to sleep whilst Bob lies between us singing ‘Thomas and his friends, do, do, do.’ Over and over again!






Now, quickly on with the distraction!







As always, the 7 of us involved in the project are going to link up in a big circle. By following the links you can travel around all of our posts. I love doing this with a cup of tea on the morning of the 31st of each month.


This month I am sending you to Katie’s wonderful blog Mummy Daddy Me. It is one of my favourite blogs and if you haven’t read it yet you are missing out!

I also enjoy seeing all of your Me & Mine posts that are linked up. I’ve shown you Me & Mine, now show me You & Yours!

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  13 Responses to “Me & Mine – A Family Portrait Project”


    Haha. I love these photos. It’s funny that they tell a story of your month, and I often think that the storytelling photos are much nicer to look back on.
    I’m so proud that we’ve all made it half a year with this project. And I’m still enjoying it just as much. x


    gorgeous pictures – always good to have a giggle at bedtime :o)


    These are very true to life pictures and I think they’re great. We all spend a lot of time trying to catch special events, or trying to capture perfect moments, but sometimes every day life escapes the focus of a camera lens. And it will be so good to look back on. Lovely to see all of your pictures together as well.


    These are fab! Nothing better than a family cuddle in bed 😉


    Ahhh these are fab, especially as they were so last minute. As Lucy said, they’re a great way to tell the story of your month x


    I was a last minuter this month too, doing ours yesterday as well. The thing is you’ll probably look back on these in years to come and smile cause they are a true representation of life! X


    Aww what a fab picture x


    I think they’re great – they tell the story of your June, and they raise a smile with anyone whose ever had a very awake toddler!


    Great pictures! Love relaxed photos.


    I love the relaxed look of them


    Awww that’s a brilliant collection of photos. I hope she has a better month of sleeping soon. You’re just like us, we always have water next to our bed too 🙂


    I love how you have a very different me and mine each month! The year definitely is zooming in fast! You guys looks so happy even if it sounds like you are all very tired.


    Aaah, everyone in bed together is such a classic family activity – definitely deserves to be documented in your family photos. I love it! Oh, and I know the Thomas theme song ALL TOO WELL ; )

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