A few weeks ago I was asked to take part in a survey about healthy eating habits. I felt a bit naughty when answering the questions.

There was a section which asked how often you children ate certain types of food. Bob doesn’t eat too much junk food but she does have naughty things occasionally. As the food was separated into types I felt terrible. She is allowed crisps, sweets, chocolate a few times a week which I didn’t think was too bad but as they were split into food types I felt like I was ticking most of the boxes.

The results have now been published and after seeing the results from that section I don’t feel too bad! Bob never drinks caffeine and her drinks are usually the no added sugar variety. She also eats lots of fresh fruit and vegetables which is better than a lot of children. I am lucky that she loves fruit and veg as I can imagine how challenging it would be if she didn’t!


My results may have been different if Bob was older. She has started to show a slight fussiness but at this age it is easy to trick her. She has decided she doesn’t like onion so I now use red onion in my recipes and tell her it’s beetroot. She is going to grow into a very strange cook! 🙂

I am sure we will be faced with food challenges as she grows up but for now I am thankful that she enjoys her food! Hopefully her dislike of avocado won’t extend to other fruits and vegetables.


The survey was carried out by My Voucher Codes.

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