Sep 082012

I know that it is now September and it would be more appropriate to call this post ‘Here Comes The Rain’ but I have wanted to make this video for months! Hopefully watching it will make you feel like it’s still summer and you never know, it may send the clouds away. Fingers crossed!

Happy SUNday!!! 🙂

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    Wow that’s a relly beautiful video and such a good way to keep memories of your little cutie! I’m in awe! I have been thinking about doing some videos for my blog – would you mind telling me what editing software you use???


    That’s brilliant Charlotte – you will never forget what she was like and what she enjoyed doing cos when you try to remember like me (the days before videos) you just can’t picture it all exactly!! xxx


    This is so lovely! But guess what?? I was singing that song before I pressed play!! (spooky)

    Love it now Molly can walk she is a real groovy mover xxx


    Thank you! x


    Awwww, that video is gorgeous! Love it. It’s such a lovely round up of the summer and all the things Bob has been doing. CUTE!!! x


    How cute is that! I have to try and make a video now! She is looking all grown up, it’s great to see her in action. x


    Charlotte, that is just magical! I have never heard of imovie but hoping I don’t need an i phone to try it, going to have a look as I could do with updating my Coombe Mill home page video and this format would be wonderful. Such a perfect way for you to capture those precious early years, thank you for sharing your special summer moments on Country Kids, it certainly shows that we did indeed have some lovely sunny days in there despite what the media keep telling us!


      Thank you! It is an apple product. I use it on my mac. I know there are apps available for iPad and iPhone but don’t know what they are like. Sure there will be something similar to use with windows. Maybe google it. x


    That is just gorgeous! I have a big smile on my face now


    Thank you! Glad I made you smile! x


    […] You can see a video of our summer fun here. […]

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