Jan 242013

Oh my goodness me!!! Bob finally fell asleep at 11 pm and guess what? She’s still asleep! It’s 7.30!!! I think I might be dreaming!!!

For the last few months I have had to force Bob to nap before her lunch. If she had lunch first she would get a second wind and I would struggle to get her to nap before 3, resulting in her not going to bed until midnight. If she napped for 30 minutes before lunch she would go to bed at a reasonable hour. No matter what her bedtime she would wake up many times during the night but as long as I’d had a couple of child free hours before I went to bed I was able to deal with this.

Yesterday we had a busy day which meant Bob didn’t nap until 2pm. This meant that she was full of beans at bedtime! After 20 laps of the settee, many rounds of Row, Row, Row Your Boat, and learning the words to Take Me Home Country Road (her Dad and I were singing it and and all of a sudden Bob started singing ‘Na, na, na, hey, hey!’) Bob was finally tired enough to go to bed.

We went to bed at the same time and I expected to be up an hour later. How wrong I was! She is still asleep and I am led here, in peace, telling you all about it.

I however didn’t sleep through. I was up every few hours wondering why Bob hadn’t woken up. I am hoping that last night won’t be a one of and, hopefully, we will all sleep through tonight!

How exciting!!!

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    Wonderful news! I remember that feeling of half sleeping all night waiting for them to wake, I hope she continues to sleep through!


    ooohhh nice one, but no you dont sleep your up checking they are still breathing, checking they ok, sneaking in and out waiting…..lets hope you get many more like that and het use to it.

    I was quite lucky my kids went to bed from 6.30pm from very very young, and slept through for 12 hrs ( well ok 1 and 3 did, 2 didnt until after an operation at 3 yrs and 9 mths). Right up until about Pr4 mine still went to bed then, then they atarted to query why their pals got to stay up


    Sounds like your break through moment!


    I hope this is not a one off too!


    I wish I could drop Bob’s but she ends up falling asleep whilst eating her dinner if I do. x


    I am sure she won’t be! Sending sleepy thoughts to your bump! x


    Praise be! Happy for you 🙂


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