I am sorry to tell you that the night before last was a one off! If you have read my previous post you will know that Bob slept for 9 hours on Wednesday night for the first time ever! There wasn’t even a gradual build up. She went from struggling to manage 3 hours sleep to sleeping through.

I knew that it was too early to get my hopes up but there was a small part of me that couldn’t help getting excited! I imagined lovely sleepy nights! Something that has been the product of my daydreams for the past 20 months!

When we put Bob to bed last night my husband and I were very hopeful! She went to sleep quickly and seemed settled. We soon realised that we were being optimistic. It was as if the previous night had been imagined!

Of course I am disappointed but it has also given me a glimmer of hope. Before Wednesday I honestly thought that Bob was allergic to sleep. Now I know that she can sleep for 9 hours and I am hopeful that she will do it again. As the popular song goes, ‘Always look on the bright side of night!’ 😉

It’s a good job she’s gorgeous!


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    You will get there one day!


    I’ve found mine lulled me in not a false sense of security by sleeping through in ever increasing increments then BANG. Now every few days she juts doesn’t. No reason. No explanation. Just ‘screw you mummy, I know you’re going out tonight and now that hangover is going to feel 100 times worse on no sleep whatsoever’. lol x I’m sure you’ll get there btw! xxx


    Oh Bob! Your poor parents. I thought this sleeping business was cracked! I hope you spend on your pocket money and caffeine and biscuits for your mum and dad when you are older as penance x


    Oh. Can I delete my earlier comment? Hang in there! Great photo 🙂


    Oh and she is very very gorgeous. Give it time, some children take a while to get into a good routine; L didn’t sleep through the night for a very long time and now he sleeps like a log. It will come don’t worry x


    She is lovely and you will get your full nights sleep back.


    She is super adorable! Just hang in there! You WILL get your full nights sleep back.


    She is indeed a cutie :0 I remember those nights of uncertainty, not being able to sleep just in case she woke up, then getting complacent and having her wake me out of the blue. Hopefully this will be the start of normality for you…

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