Jan 062013

I thought that I would give you a bump update. (You can read about my initial concerns here.) Things are now much worse in that department! I am no longer asked if I am pregnant, I am simply congratulated or referred to as ‘the pregnant one’!

What I find strange is the shape and feel of my bump. It doesn’t feel like a few extra pounds. It’s solid! I used to put it down to bloating as in a morning it was much smaller than it was in the evening. Now I wake up with a bump!

Luckily I have a new best friend. It is someone that came into my life just after I had Bob. Although I have always appreciated her I never realised her value! She made an appearance at weddings and rare nights out but I have now realised that she may hold the answer to my problem.

I am talking about my pants. My giant Bridget Jones style pants! They go from my thighs to my bra and they manage to keep my unbaby bump in check. I am seriously considering investing in 7 pairs so that I never have to go without! One small problem! I can’t breath when I’m wearing them!

Do any of you have an unbaby bump? If so, what are your solutions? (Apart from putting down the chocolate!)

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    I have ‘the bump’ had it ever since I had my first!! People think I am pregnant, I’m not!! My 2 babies have never been in my tummy they hang on top. Apperently I have no room so they would strech my skin to fit wich meant my tummy muscle’s got sooooo streched!! I am ok in the morning but food goes in and…. So I do understand you!!!



    i too have Bridgette pants and also have the same problem! (isn’t breathing overrated?) If i am honest i am now past caring about my unbaby bump! 🙂


    After four children I have totally given up trying to lose my bump, but it may be worth checking it out with a doctor if it is solid as my mum had a solid bump for years and it turned out to be a hernia!


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