As it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow I have been writing cards to Grandma (my mum) and Gran (Michael’s mum). This led to me trying to explain to Bob about her immediate family tree.

I have mentioned to her before that Grandma is my Mummy and Granddad is my Daddy but I don’t know if she ever grasped the concept. my thoughts were confirmed when I was writing my Mum’s Mother’s Day card. I asked Bob who Mummy Grandma was and she thought about it for a while before answering, ‘Mine.’


Bob love her Grandparents! She gets very excited about seeing all of them. When I asked her what she liked the best about them she said, ‘Playing with shops.’ Her conversation skills are improving. 😉


Grandmas are fab! They are fun and they don’t tell you off as much as mummy does. I remember running away to my Nana’s house on several occasions when I knew I would get in trouble if I went home.

My Nan is now 95 and she is still so special to me! She is not with it anymore but I enjoy going to visit her. I am worried I won’t be able to do this much longer so whenever I go to Lancashire I always make sure we go and see her. Bob went through a stage of wanting to stay in the car as she was a bit unsure but now she has started coming into the home again and it means so much to me! Bob usually spends most of the visit covering Nan in stickers and asking her if she would like to come to Peppa Pig World. 🙂

I have many wonderful memories of my Nan when I was growing up from day trips to the seaside to sleepovers. She is a star!


My husband also thinks so much of his Gran! She is sadly no longer with us but she is always in our hearts!


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