Last week Bob was invited to be an ‘allergenius’ by Appliances Online and Hotpoint.


We weren’t really sure what to expect from the event. We arrived and Bob was given a special t shirt which she was very pleased with! She wore it for a few minutes but when she realised that the other children weren’t wearing theirs yet so she took it off. I didn’t even have time to take her photo.

The children were then split into 2 groups. Bob’s groups made some flowers first. Luckily nobody was allergic to these as they were the tissue paper variety.


They then went on a germ hunt. The germs were hidden in lots of places where they would be found in real life. The children had to find them all.


This was Bob’s favourite part of the morning. When all of the germs had been found she asked if they could be hidden again.


Even when she was supposed to be colouring in, her mind kept wandering to germ hunting. She managed to colour a tiny bit of her picture before she decided that she would hide the germs for other children to find.


We were then invited for a picnic lunch at Eureka and we could explore the museum in the afternoon. Eureka was quite busy as it was the Easter holidays. We didn’t stay inside for long, as we have an annual pass, but Bob did manage to build an igloo and she had lots of fun in the sandpit outside


We had a wonderful day and Bob is now a qualified ‘allergenius’ so if anybody needs some germ busting done she is the one to call!

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  2 Responses to “Germ Busting Fun With Appliances Online”


    She can be my apprentice now


    What are her cleaning skills like? ;0)

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