The other day we went to Hodsock Priory to see the snowdrops. We have never been before but we had heard great reports so I was looking forward to taking some photographs.

If I’m honest it was quite a disappointment. There weren’t as many snowdrops as I had thought there would be and, instead of serving food in the house (where I have heard they used to) they had a make shift cafe in a marquee.

I did take a couple of photos and we managed to have a game of Pooh Sticks so all was not lost.


Pooh Sticks

My Fun Photo Favourite from last week was this gorgeous post by Kristen from Teaching Stars. It’s a beautiful photo post and it also has a lovely poem that I haven’t heard before. Go and take a look.


As a reward Kristen can take Bob and I to the swings. πŸ™‚ She can also display the Fun Photo Favourite badge if she wishes.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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  23 Responses to “Fun Photo Fun – Snowdrops & Pooh Sticks”


    We’re always up for park days!! Thanks for sharing my post!
    I love your pooh sticks collage. Now, I’ll be on the hunt for a meandering stream with a bridge somewhere…..


    I had visions of fields full but it wasn’t like I’d imagined. Don’t know if it’s just there or if it’s been a bad year in general. Hope you manage to find some. x


    Great shots! Looks like a lovely day!


    I have never ever heard of snow drops! You taught me something new! Come link up with me and thanks for hosting…love the swing picture!


    I have never ever heard of snow drops! You taught me something new! Come link up with me and thanks for hosting…love the swing picture!


    Lots of snow drops though…very nice! I tried to take a few pictures of them recently they are so pretty!


    Great photos Charlotte, Love the one with Bob and the snowdrops πŸ™‚


    Awesome shots as usual – but I have to ask…what in the heck are ‘Pooh Sticks’ (or Poo Sticks)? Inquiring minds want to know! πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for hosting – have a great week! πŸ™‚

    Signs of Creativity with a MacGyver Twist


      Pooh Sticks is a game that Winnie The Pooh plays. You each get a stick, throw it into a river from one side of the bridge and the stick that appears first at the other side is the winner. Just watch which way the river is running. πŸ™‚


    I have never seen snowdrops so any would be good. Thanks for sharing the photos! You had fun too!! Happy WW and hosting.


    I’ve never head of snowdrop!! Fabulous photos!


    Snowdrops are similar to Bluebells but they are obviously white. Didn’t realise they weren’t everywhere. Suppose they must like the cold with them being out in February. x


    Not sure what Pooh sticks is exactly, but she looks like she’s having fun!


    Aww. Such lovely shots! Can’t wait to see spring flowers here!!


    A wonderful place to visit. Beautiful shots! Thanks for hosting.


    Looks like it was a lovely day out even though it wasn’t what you were expecting.
    Happy WW!


    Great afternoon out with some lovely photos. Hope you will join me on Country Kids too


    Glad you made the most of it, I must admit I think we have as many snow drops here at Coombe Mill! Hope you will link back on Country Kids too,


    Gorgeous photos. I love snowdrops.


    i would say thats quite a lots of snowdrops considering! its always a shame though when you look forward to visiting somewhere based on things you have heard and then its not as good as you were expecting. pooh sticks is always a lovely game to play and makes a beautiful photo x


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