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We were lucky enough to get bargain season tickets to White Post Farm when they had a special offer on last month. It is not too far from our house so we can now go as many times as we like.

Although Bob loved White Post Farm from the first time she visited, she gets much more from the experience now! She is even brave enough to feed the goats and finds it amazing that they take food from her hand. At first I was wary and didn’t want to let her feed them but they are all so gentle!

Everyday when I ask her to tell her Daddy where we have been, whether we have been to soft play or visited friends, Bob answers ‘Goat. Farm.’ 🙂 She absolutely loves the place!



We had a wonderful day but it was very cold! We ended up leaving at lunchtime so that we could come home and warm up with some soup. If only we’d had some of the fabulous winter clothing from Muddy Puddles to keep us lovely and snug!

* Commissioned by Muddy Puddles

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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    Fab pics. I love taking Seb to the farm, they get so much out of it x


    yay go farmer Bob!! lol i cant wait to go again soon! 🙂


    My little man is nearly two and he loves the farm near us too and all the pigs are having piglets at the moment and they are so cute! I love your picture of the goat with his tongue sticking out!


    That’s it, you really will have to bring little Miss Bob to Coombemill. She would just adore the morning feed run on the tractor and trailer and be able to show all the other children how to feed the goats! Wonderful pictures. Don’t forget to link to Country Kids !


    oh wow these are such beautiful photos! you have really taken some wonderful animal pics! makes me want to reach out and touch my screen! Your daughter looks like she is just having the *best* time and i am not surprised its her favourite place to visit x


    Amazing photos, it’s great to see little ones enjoying the farm and interacting with the animals


    I can see why she’s a fan – the place looks fantastic! You can’t beat a good farm!


    Awww, I’ve been to White Post Farm several times. We used to take the Toddler Group and Nursery for trips when I lived in Derby. It was always a favourite.

    Although my kids loved White Post Farm from the first time they visited, the get much more from the experience once they’re a bit older!


    What a pity it was so cold. You seemed to be having such a good time.


    aww such beautiful photos xx


    What amazing photos, i can see why she loves it so much, my son would too. Although I imagine he might have been slightly more mayhemmy with all those chickens, Bob looks very responsible with them. I love the photo of the piglets


    Such great pictures, looks like fun!

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