Jun 152013

Sorry it has been quite quiet on here Bob has not been very well.

She has had conjunctivitis and a cough which has been making her sick. I hate it when she’s poorly! I wish that I could be ill instead!

It was my birthday on Sunday and my day began by being covered in sick. The joys of parenthood! 😉

Luckily I spent Saturday having a wonderful day with wonderful friends so I felt like I’d already celebrated my birthday!

We went to visit my friend Emily and my friend Kiney came up from London to visit at the same time. When I arrived at Emily’s house she had made me the most amazing cake! As I am usually the one that does the baking I rarely have a birthday cake made for me so this was a lovely surprise! It was a jam and cream cake, covered in white chocolate ganache and raspberries. It was delicious!


We spent the afternoon having a picnic in the park and we all had a lovey time! Emily captured our day on camera and has kindly let me use some of her fabulous photos on my blog.







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    Oh my goodness, your Bob is just so cute. I cannot even tell you how much I love her hair, and her twinkly eyes. Bless her, such a cutie.
    I’m sorry to hear she’s been poorly. It’s the worst bit of parenting when they are ill. And I’m glad you had some yummy birthday cake, I completely missed out on birthday cake for my birthday this year and I’m very disappointed in myself! 😉


    Oh these are so delightful. So glad you got to celebrate properly! Happy sweet 16 I’m sure! Sorry to hear about wee Bob!


    Beautiful pics – Hope Bob is feeling better and happy birthday x


    Looks like a lovely day! Hope Bob is soon feeling better!


    Sorry to hear Bob has been poorly. I’m still catching up on blogs after an internet hiatus but I can’t believe how much older (and cheekier) Bob is looking. Hope she had a lovely birthday and that you have also now had a wonderful birthday as well! The cake looks amazing; what good friends xx

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