Why have I never heard of Zalando before? I have been missing a treat!

When I was contacted asking me if I would like to review some of their products I had not heard of their company. After a quick look at their website I fell in love!

It is no secret that I love online shopping! I have just returned from a Meadowhell shopping trip which has increased my love for online shopping even more! Zalando is a fabulous site which sells many quality brands. With a £100 voucher code in my hand, I was in heaven!

I was very tempted to spend the voucher on a gorgeous coast dress or a beautiful pair of shoes but I was very restrained and, as the voucher was to review on my blog, I bought things for Bob.

I fell in love with these gorgeous bags by En Gry & Sif. They each had some little toys inside and they were adorable. It was a hard decision choosing which one to buy! In the end I chose the lovely pink cottage with a queen, a princess and a baby finger puppets, a little felt pushchair and a bed inside. I also ordered a Benetton summer dress and some shoes for Bob.

As I do a lot of online shopping we regularly have parcels delivered. Usually they contain boring everyday clothes. Bob get excited when they arrive and is usually very disappointed with the contents. When the Zalando parcel arrived I encouraged her excitement as I knew she would love what was inside!

She opened the box, took out the princess bag and said, ‘Wow, amazing!’ She loved it and has enjoyed playing with it ever since!


She also enjoyed wearing her dress as I have been calling it a flower fairy dress. It is a beautiful sun dress in a gorgeous floral fabric. We had lots of fun pretending to be flower fairies!


The shoes are a little big for Bob but they will fit her soon. I choose them as I wanted some comfortable summer shoes for Bob. These look like they will be as comfy as trainers but they are much prettier!


Thank you Zalando for our lovely products and for introducing me to a fabulous website!


Disclaimer: I was given the voucher for the purpose of this review but all opinions and photographs are my own.

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    I hadn’t heard of it until a few weeks ago either but they actually have a Swiss site too. Need to take a closer look. Lovely pictures of Bob x


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