As we all know, chips, especially McCain Chips are one of the kids’ favourite treats. Whether enjoyed as a light snack or as part of a balanced diet, there are a number of recipes your kids will love to try, all of which are available online. Here are some great tips for quick and simple food preparation for your kids.

Party snacks

Chips make for a great party snack, as they’re not only easy to prepare, they’re also extremely tasty. Such finger foods are a great alternative to crisps and come in the shape of a hassle-free option, perfect for those wishing to supply their little ones with a number of hot party nibbles. You can choose from the likes of curly, skinny French fries, straight-cut chips and even a variety of low-fat offerings.


Sauce it up

Chips taste great on their own, but you can really zest things up by adding some yummy sauces to accompany them. Forgo the traditional tomato sauce and vinegar and try some chicken gravy as a great topping, which pairs perfectly with fried chicken dishes. Or if you really want to spice things up, try adding some chilli and cheese to your chips for the ultimate Mexican treat.


Finger foods

When it comes to your evening meals, if you prefer sitting down together as a family, then you may find that the kids become a little peckish beforehand – especially if they’re waiting for mummy or daddy to return home from work.

If this is the case, preparing a few snacks will keep their hunger at bay. Wholesome snacks such as carrot sticks with a side of hummus, sliced fruit and peppers are a great option, as they’re not too filling. You can also try some chicken bites and chips which work well as snacks as well as main meals when teamed with fresh veggies.


Mini burgers

Although the burger is one of the heartiest meals around, there is a way to create a similar dish that won’t sit on your tummy for too long. Mini burgers are a great option for the kids and work just as well for party food as they do for a lighter evening meal. Kids adore the tasty flavours such a dish offers and when making them from scratch at home, you know exactly what goes into them. When teamed with a side of chips, such a meal choice is an easy yet tasty option – perfect for the entire family, particularly after a long day in the office, at school or spent running errands.

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    we love a good chip in this house 😉 yum xx


    Looks yummy, although I’m not a massive potato fan – in fact I only eat chips so I can have the mayonnaise that goes with them.

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