When I was growing up things were so much simpler. If I wanted to play out I would know what time I needed to be home by and I would go home then. If there was anything I needed or wanted I would pop back home.

Now things are complicated! It is my nephew’s 12th birthday today and if he goes to play out he takes his phone so that he is able to negotiate a time to come home with his mum. He does this by texting, what’s app or bbm.

Phones are very convenient. I wouldn’t be without mine! If my phone runs out of battery I feel like a part of me is missing! They make staying in touch easier but I sometimes wish that we still lived in a simpler time.

When the furthest that you would be from home was playing on the back street, phones weren’t needed. Times also seemed much safer back then but maybe that was just my childhood innocence.

Obviously I do not need to worry about this now but I love to hear your opinions. When is the best time to buy your child a phone? I sometimes think that children are too young but if they are old enough to be out without their parents then surely a phone is a good thing?

I was sent a Nokia Lumia pay as you go on 3 but I think I’ll hold off for a very long while before giving it to Bob (even though she tries to steal my phone constantly). It will definitely come in handy one day.


Disclaimer: I was sent the phone free of charge for the purpose of this post.

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    I have to say (as a none mum so has no real idea, just opinions) I don’t think kids should have phone or even half of the technology that they do. I see too many of my relatives shove their eldest kids in front of a tv or ipad or whatever just to kill some time. I can’t help but think that limited time in front of a tv, computer, ipad etc is fine but I think limited is key.

    I also don’t see why kids need phones from such a young age. I remember when I was at school people would sneak mobiles into school. I can’t help but think why? You were dropped off, picked up or if you walked home expected at a certain time and if you ran past a certain time your mother started scouring the ditches thinking you were abducted (just mine?)

    People say that kids grow up to fast and I can’t help but wonder if shoving technology down their young little throats isn’t one of the reasons?

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