How To Use Annie Sloane Chalk Paint

I am obsessed with Annie Sloane chalk paint at the moment. Every time I look at a piece of furniture I see it in a different colour.  We have some acacia wood furniture in our living that my husband will not let me replace. It cost quite a bit and it is good quality. I loved it when we first bought it but the orange colour is hard to match things with I have recently bought new furniture and I [click here to read on]

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Our Living Room Makeover

We are currently in the process of a living room make over. Since we moved to this house our living room has always been mismatched. It is quite big and the sofas we had seemed lost on the own so we ended up putting them all in the room together. I have been craving a lovely matching living room and it is almost a reality! My husband took some persuading. He thought the sofas were fine and he loves our [click here to read on]

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Budget Bathroom Makeover Challenge

We have been in our house for just over a year. We love living here and we are enjoying putting our own stamp on things. Our house is nicely decorated throughout but when we moved in it was very neutral. Unfortunately, as the property is rented, there is only so much we can do. I have used wall stickers and fun accessories in the children’s rooms and I am really pleased with how they have turned out. We have decorated [click here to read on]

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If you, like many families, have to live in a smaller home than is perhaps ideal, then it’s likely your children will need to share a bedroom. When the first child comes along, assuming you have a spare room, creating a beautiful nursery is all part of the fun. You can choose a colour scheme, paint the walls, buy nursery furniture, and make a haven for you and your baby to spend quality time during night feeds. But when baby [click here to read on]

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You Get What You Pay For

As we live in a rented property I have to be creative when it comes to making the place our own. When Bob was younger I painted a scene on her bedroom wall but now that isn’t possible. She now has a beautiful princess room but instead of painting I used a Disney Princess scene setter and some wall stickers. Bow has a jungle themed nursery with some fab accessories but his wall stickers aren’t that great. Wall stickers can [click here to read on]

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Organising The Chaos

Bob’s toys have been driving me insane for a while. They are everywhere! She has some in her bedroom, some in the playroom and bits everywhere else that I look. With Christmas approaching and a second little one who will soon be at an age where he will enjoy toys I needed to get organised! I searched everywhere for a good storage solution and eventually found some lovely storage cubes. These are great as the can be stacked in various [click here to read on]

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The Sofa & The Christmas Tree

In our living room we have the most amazing armchair. It rocks and reclines and it is perfect when you have a newborn baby. You can rock them to sleep in it and then pop the legs up and have a snooze yourself. It has seen better days as we have had it for years but I love it too much to part with it. The problem is that the sofa that matches it has also seen better days and [click here to read on]

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