We are currently in the process of a living room make over. Since we moved to this house our living room has always been mismatched. It is quite big and the sofas we had seemed lost on the own so we ended up putting them all in the room together. I have been craving a lovely matching living room and it is almost a reality!

My husband took some persuading. He thought the sofas were fine and he loves our living room furniture. We bought it years ago and I liked it then but now I am not a fan. It is acacia wood which is quite orange and I find it hard to match it with anything. Eventually we reached a compromise. I would paint the furniture, rather than replacing it and we could get new sofas and accessories as long as he could get a UHD TV Panasonic. I don’t know much about televisions but Michael assures me that this one is great and our television is quite small so I was more than happy with this arrangement.

We went sofa shopping and managed to find a great bargain in Brand Interiors. We didn’t even know this place existed but we spotted it when we were on our way to DFS. We bought a 3 seater sofa and 2 chairs for the price of a 3 seater in most furniture stores. I think the sofa had been overlooked by many shoppers as it had some dodgy pink scatter cushions with it. I have replaced these with some grey tartan cushions from Dunelm Mill and I love how it looks! We got some curtains to match and the room began to feel much more homely!

I also wanted to find a large fabric footstool the could be a feature piece but these seemed very expensive for something that wasn’t necessary. I decided to try to recover our old leather footstool. I didn’t really know what I was doing but I bought some fabric and armed myself with a staple gun.

easy way to recover a footstool

It went quite well but I wished I had sewn the seems, rather than folded them, as I think that would have looked better. To say I covered this with a 1 year old ‘helping’ me, I don’t think it looks too bad.

how to recover a footstool

I made a matching cushion for the sofa to help the footstool to match. Bob helped me to stuff the cushion and she is very proud of her work! She tells everyone who visits that she helped to make it.

making cushions to change a sofa

I am now in the process of painting our furniture. I have bought some Annie Sloane chalk paint and I am really pleased with it! I need to finish painting the television stand and give it a 2nd coat and then I can try to wax it. I am a bit unsure about this as I have never attempted anything like it before but the lady in the shop assured me that it is easy to do.

up cycling furniture with annie sloane chalk paint

If all goes well I am going to pair the bookcase and the dresser next. Wish me luck!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  26 Responses to “Our Living Room Makeover”


    Nice job! I’ve thought about doing something like that with one of my ottoman’s but I was nervous it wouldn’t come out right.


    You did an amazing job. I wouldn’t of known that it was D.I.Y. sounds like you’re keeping pretty busy and it’s always satisfying doing things like this for yourself. x


    What a fantastic job you have done. I love upcycling furniture. Always take great pleasure in the end result πŸ™‚ x


    I think your footstool turned out fantastic and it matches your new sofa very well! The DIY painting you are doing on your furniture looks great, I think it is so fun to these types of projects!


    The foot stool looks great and great idea to make a matching cusion, so simple but so effective, it is looking great x


    I think it looks pretty good and I love how the foot stool now matches the sofa #winning at life haha xxx


    I think it looks great, you did a good job here. Thanks for sharing x


    You’ve done such a good job, the fabric pattern makes such a difference xxx


    Looks like you’ve done really well with the makeover. I love the new sofa’s/ chairs I think grey is a good colour to go for as you can match it to anything x


    I’ve used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint before and it was so easy to use and the furniture looks fab! x


    This is a nice make-over! your living room looks very elegant and classy now. Cheers for this milestone!


    This looks fab!! I am really loving the fabric you choose, so pretty. You did a fantastic job


    My sister in law swears by the Annie Sloane Chalk Paint and she did her lounge make over using it x


    Wow! I really love the make over this is exactly what I need right now. Glad you share this creative ideas


    Ooh it looks lovely, you did a great job with the foot stool, gorgeous fabric!


    I love the fabric you chose! Look like a great diy adventure


    the room looks great! I love the changes you’ve done. painting furniture can make such a differenc!


    Good luck with the makeover! Sure your daughter will love it! x


    I love the pattern on your foot stall! Good luck with the make over πŸ™‚


    I love the makeover! The neutral tones are so relaxing to look at. Good job on the sewing, too!


    I am SO impressed with how they turned out! Love this idea of a way to update your living room x

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