I love pancakes! I wish pancake day was every day to justify the amount that I eat. I would happily eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could get away with it.

I like the kind that I make myself (thanks Delia) but I find these a bit greasy. I much prefer the smaller, fluffier variety.

When I was contacted by Warburtons asking if I would like to try their box of pancake goodies I obviously said yes. I wasn’t sure what to expect but even if I had imagined a delightful box of magical wonders I wouldn’t have been disappointed.

The box was amazing! It even played music! I am not sure how it played music. At first I thought it was when you opened it but it wasn’t. I then thought that it might be child sensitive as only Bob seemed able to get it to play. 🙂 every so often it random played Pure Imagination from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. I told you it was magic!


Inside the box was a selection of pancakes and many toppings. There was a spinner that you had to spin to see which pancake you should eat. Bob thought it was amazing!

Unfortunately my box got lost for a while in transit. This regularly happens as we live in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t arrive until a few days after it had been sent. I was unsure if the perishable items would still be alright and the pancakes were out of date. I contacted the company telling them that I thought the box was amazing but I was unable to try the pancakes as they had gone AWOL.

They were so lovely and a few days later they sent me everything I needed to try all of the pancakes and their toppings! They also sent me some cookie pancakes which are amazing! Thank you!


The toppings we had to try were:

1. Chilli Jam & Lime
2. Granola & Shaved Coconut
3. Dried Banana & Cinnamon 
4. Chocolate & Popping Candy
5. Feta Cheese and Mint Leaves
6. Marmite & Mascarpone
7. Pancetta & Pistachio


It was great fun spinning the wheel and trying all of the different varieties. I loved the pancetta & pistachio and the chocolate & popping candy!


Bob wasn’t a big fan of the savoury toppings but she loved the sweet ones and she even had her first taste of popping candy!


She also decided she loved lime. Strange child.


Thanks Warburtons! I never knew that pancakes should be so much fun! Luckily I don’t have to limit pancakes to pancake day. Pancake day is everyday in our house!

Disclaimer: I was sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this post. All opinions & photographs are my own.

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  8 Responses to “Bob & The Popping Candy”


    We tried the plain ones for the first time (using a pennies off Tesco coupon) and they were lovely. We didn’t have the lovely toppings that you did! How do you get to know about all these lovely testers? xx


    yummmmmmmmm xx


    Yummy!! What great toppings….
    I remember the first time I gave my girls popping candy! So funny x


    Looks yummy, and not helping me resist the urge to eat the chocolate biscuit which is sat on my desk!!


    How lovely that they sent you everything! We love Warburtons! The popping candy was a new one on my boys too 😀

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