I love Great British Bake Off and I am really enjoying this year series!
After the first episode I wanted to make Jaffa Cakes and a lime drizzle
cake. I have been thinking of some exciting Jaffa Cake
combinations and I can’t wait to try them out! Watch this space!

Bob enjoys it too. She particularly loved watching the contestants make
their gingerbread creations in this week’s show stopper. She decided she
would like to make one of her own.

children great british bake off

She got a pen and a piece of paper and started to draw her design. At
first she drew an angel that she said was going to fly above her
sculpture. She then thought this might be too challenging so she decided
that she was the angel and drew the rest of her family.

gbbo showstopper design

We then made some gingerbread dough and Bob got to work. In the end the
lure of all the different cutters got the better of her and she forgot
about sticking to her design.

Cutting out ginger biscuits

I am not sure this would have gone down well on the Great British Bake Off but I think that Paul & Mary would have been very impressed by how uniform her biscuits were! 🙂

various biscuit cutters for children

She made some lovely biscuits and she had the idea to cut a heart shape in
a teddy. This one was my favourites and it has inspired me to make teddy
bear jammy dodgers. Watch this space!

beautiful teddy bear biscuit

When the biscuits had cooled we iced them with chocolate icing. I was
really impressed with Bob’s concentration! She carefully added details to
her biscuits. Usually she would just dollop the icing on top and use far
too many sprinkles.

children icing biscuits

We had a lot of fun making these biscuits! We followed this recipe, which is part of the Great British Save Off by Voucherbox. Michael said they were the nicest biscuits he had ever tasted. He wondered how they would compare to the biscuits from the show. I said
that I could feel the ginger coming through and they had a crunch and an
even bake. I think Bob and I should go on Great British Bake Off next year as a double act! 🙂

Voucherbox have also created a weekly price comparison of the ingredients you will need to make the recipes from the show. It is the perfect way to save some money when buying ingredients. This week’s cheapest supermarket is Morrisons.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  25 Responses to “Bob & The Great British Bake Off”


    Last year I baked the bake off and loved every minute of it, sadly I don’t have the time this year. Her biscuits look amazing though, well done Bob


    Awww, she’s adorable!! She’s going to make a great baker!


    I never thought of baking alongside the bakeoff! I don’t always like what they do so much, but I do like the look of your lovely gingerbread biscuits that you and your daughter made here!


    Looks delicious! If you’re still thinking about those jaffa cake combos, we actually have cherry jelly and white chocolate ones here, in France. They are AMAZING too!


    Ohh these look yummy & it looks like you had a lot of fun making them too x


    What a yummy looking cookies! Looks like she had so much fun 🙂


    Oh wow it looks like you are having an amazing time baking! I wouldn’t have mind trying one of those cookies myself. x


    These biscuits look great, your daughter is so creative!


    The biscuits are beautifully rolled and cut and they are so uniform too.Well done.


    Now this looks like fun and the biscuits are amazing, I am hopeless at cooking… anything!


    Really looks a fun stuff for kids. The biscuits they made are too adorable to eat. Haha


    Wow the biscuits look yummy. I would love to taste it.


    I have to admit I’d never seen the great british bake off (although I seem to be the only one). The gingerbread look so good, she’s done such a great job of them x


      I think you may be the only one! 🙂 I missed the first few series as I thought it was somethings like Great British Menu. My friend convinced me I’d love it and she was right! 🙂


    Looks and sounds like they enjoyed baking the biscuits! I would have eaten them before getting a chance to ice them!


    Oh my gosh the biscuits are so cute – can I have one? Lol


    Oh bless that teddy with the little heart cut out of it is so adorable!! Wish my mum had done more baking with me as a child.

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