1) Allow the cake to cool and watch your mummy make some frosting.

2) Try to help mummy to cover the cake in frosting but be unable to resist eating the frosting as it is too delicious. Decide if you are not allowed to eat all of it you had better leave the room. Go and watch Mia & Me until the cake is covered.

3) When all the frosting is added it will be safe to return to the kitchen. Choose some sprinkles for the cake. Make sure there are plenty so that you can eat some when your mummy isn’t looking.

4) Add some sprinkles to the cake.

chocolate cake for children

5) Repeat step 4.

6) Assess the amount of sprinkles on your cake and decide that it needs a few more on it.

too many sprinkles

7) Repeat step 6.

sprinkles on a cake

8) Keep adding sprinkles until you are happy with the result.

baking with children

9) Sit back, admire your cake and then eat it.

my daughters chocolate cake

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  8 Responses to “How To Decorate A Chocolate Cake”


    Perfect way to decorate a cake 😉


    Sounds like a good plan to me!


    Ah what a fantastic decoration for the chocolate cake, the more toppings the better! x


    I’m of the opinion that you can never have too many sprinkles on a cake, and this cake just looks fabulous!

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