When I was pregnant with Bob I was very excited about decorating the nursery! I enjoy interior design and it is even more fun when there are children involved.

I was going to wait until we found out Bob’s sex to chose a theme but I couldn’t help looking for ideas. I spent hours looking on House to Home and had visions involving clouded ceilings and fairies. I fell in love with the gorgeous cot bedding sets that you can buy. A particular favourite of mine is Lollipop Lane. They have some gorgeous collections!

When I was about 12 weeks pregnant we were having some work done on our roof. I came home from work one day, jumped in the shower and then went into the spare room (which would soon be the nursery) to get some clothes.

To my surprise part of the ceiling was on the floor! It turned out that there had been a bit of an accident but all was put right and the company even agreed to redecorate for us. We ended up choosing our nursery colours before we knew if Bob was a boy or a girl as it seemed silly to redecorate the room twice in such a short space of time. I decided on green and cream and, although it looked lovely, I always felt like it was missing something.

From the moment that I decided to get Bob a big girls bed I couldn’t wait to redecorate! We decided to move Bob into the smaller of the two ‘spare’ rooms as the larger one had fitted wardrobes containing our clothes and it was used when people came to stay. It didn’t feel like Bob had a space of her own. Although our third room is smaller there is plenty of room for a bed, a wardrobe, a bookcase and some toy storage.

I couldn’t wait to search the Internet for ideas and I soon found soon fabulous stickers that I based Bob’s room on. I painted the walls with hills and a path and, with my Dad’s help, I used the stickers to make a beautiful fairytale room.


You can see my step by step guide of how I decorated Bob’s room here.

Since then I have been wanting to take photos of Bob in her beautiful room and, this week, I finally got the chance! Thank you Mum and Dad for lifting Bob up and making her smile!


My little princess!

* Commissioned by Lollipop Lane

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  11 Responses to “A Fairytale Photo Shoot”


    Beautiful fairy tale room and little Princess Charlotte! The photos are wonderful xx


    My little one’s nursery is all Lollipop Lane furniture and we love it. Your little one’s room is utterly gorgeous, no wonder she looks so happy.


    Wow! A proper Princess room! It looks lovely 🙂


    A true princess!


    I love this room, it makes me want a little girl! x


    That’s the cutest room ever! I’m just doing CK’s now but because we’re renting there’s only so much I can do to it. Can’t wait to move in to our house next year.


    Gorgeous photos and Bob looks absolutely beautiful as always! xxx

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