Jun 272014

As you may already know, Bob and I are keen bakers. We can regularly be found in the kitchen baking a masterpiece (making a mess).


I am really pleased that Bob shares my love of baking! If she didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t be able to bake as often. She regularly chooses baking as an activity.

Usually I choose the easy option and use my mixer. Bob weighs the ingredients and adds them to the bowl, the mixer does the hard work and then Bob sieves and stirs in the flour and milk. The other day I thought that I would let her bake some cakes from scratch.

We started by washing our hands. I try to teach Bob about how important hand washing is when we are baking. She knows to try not to give her germs to everyone who eats our cakes. She sometimes need persuading as hand washing can be quite boring, especially when Bob can’t help licking her fingers and has to wash her hands for the 10th time.


Fortunately hand washing has just got more exciting. We were sent an automatic antibacterial soap dispenser from Dettol. Bob was a bit unsure at first, as it made a noise, but she soon realised how much fun it was and then she wouldn’t stop washing her hands.


Bob is a messy baker and needs to wash her hands often so if washing her hands can be fun it makes my life easier.


Bob did really well baking the cakes from scratch. The only thing I helped with was creaming the butter and sugar and making sure the cupcake cases had enough mixture in, she did everything else!


She even cut the icing toppers out and stuck them on the cakes all by herself.




They were supposed to be flowers but in the end they looked more like fried eggs which I thought were more fun!


She was very proud of her cupcakes when they were finished!


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  5 Responses to “Fried Egg Cupcakes”


    These look really yummy, you could say these we’re eggs or flowers ha ha. We have some great recipes on our website if you would like to take a look http://bit.ly/1mCTcER 🙂 x


    Even Bob makes better looking cakes like me :0(


    They look gorgeous! My cupcakes never have such a professional finish 🙂

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