Jun 242014


If you have seen my Ready To Pop post you will know that my oldest friend has just given birth to her first baby. I recently attended her baby shower and it was so lovely! Our friend did a fabulous job of organising it!


The shower had a vintage tea party theme and I made her a Cath Kidston style cake.



I made some simple icing roses to decorate the cake with. I have made complicated sugar paste roses before but these take a long time. You have to allow the centres to dry before beginning to layer the petals. I didn’t have time for this process so I made them the easy way. I will publish a ‘how to’ post soon.

Bob and I even managed to make some lovely cupcakes with the left overs. I don’t think we did a bad job to say the ingredients would have just gone in the bin.


Bob was very proud of her creations!


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    Gotgeous and super yummy as well! God I was big wasn’t i?!!!! Even bigger after the amount of cake I ate 😉

    Thank you to you and Bob for my amazing cake!! Xx


    Oh my goodness, that cake looks amazing!


    You are like a superwoman, you’re just look at the ‘what i did with the left overs’ amazing cup cakes I mean really, did you not see the post about the buns I made (which looks amazingly similar to Bobs only were messier!) I am very envious of your cake skills!

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