The ‘proper’ way to make icing roses takes a long time. Using sugar paste you make a centre piece and attach it to a wire stem. You then have to leave that for a few days to dry completely. When it is dry you begin layering the petals until your rosé is complete.

These look amazing for a wedding cake topper but they are not fully edible. When I was making the cake for my friends baby shower I wanted the roses to be edible so made them in an easier way. They are not as impressive as sugar paste roses but they did the job and they were delicious!


Here is how I made them.

You will need:

Regal Icing
Colouring (I used pink and green)
Gum Tragacanth
Rose Petal Cutter (can be made without)
Leaf Cutter
Rolling Pin
Cornflower (to flour surfaces and your rolling pin)
Cling film
Edible glue (click here to see how to make this)

1) Colour some regal icing and add gum tragacanth (according to the instructions on the pack). You add more or less depending on the amount of icing you are working with.

2) Wrap the icing in cling film and leave it for a couple of hours. This allows the gum tragacanth to work. It makes the icing stiffer and easier to work with.

3) Roll out the icing and cut out the petal shapes. (If you do not have a petal cutter you can roll little balls and squash them into circles.) You will need 6 petals for each rose.


4) Take the first petal and roll it so the edges touch each other. This will be the centre of the rose.


5) Then using edible glue layer 5 more petals onto your rose, overlapping each one slightly.


6) Cut the bottom of each rose so that it is flat and will stand up.


7) Roll out your green icing and cut out the leaf shapes. Then mark a line down the centre of the leaf with a knife.


8) Glue a leaf onto each rose.



If any of you try making these I would love to know how you get on.

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    I need an excuse (and some time free from DIY) to make these!!

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