Oct 222012

Years before Bob was even thought of, my husband and I adopted Bill. We were on holiday in Greece when we found him.

As he had such a lovely time on that holiday, we decided to let him tour the world! The plan was for people to take him on holiday with them so that he could visit many places. He even had a Facebook group. Although he didn’t manage to travel as far as he would like, he had a lot of fun and he was a bit of a party animal!

I feel ashamed to admit it but Bill has been in a drawer for the last few years. The other night my husband found him and showed Bob what he could do. (He lights up and quacks!!!) Bob loved him!

I just hope that Bill has calmed down with age. I do not want him leading Bob astray!!!

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    So sweet! We received a wooden Granny from John Crane and she has travelled to Disney on Ice, pubs and clubs and on holidays with us hehe. x


    I think Bill is going to get to go on some interesting new adventures…


    I think so too! :0) x


    love it! 🙂

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