A few weeks later I decided to try and potty train Bob again. I hoped it would be quite easy, seeing as she was almost potty trained before we went on holiday.

We went and bought some new big girls pants and we went to buy a new potty. Bob fell in love with a Minnie Mouse potty that cheered when you pretend flushed it. I was a bit unsure of buying it as it seemed a lot to spend on an additional potty but my husband pointed out that if it would help the process it was worth it.


The next day we went for it again. Bob chose a new pair of big girls pants to wear and she seemed very excited about using her new potty. She sat on it for a while but nothing happened. After that I asked her a few times if she wanted to use it over the course of the morning but she said ‘No.’

Then things went horribly wrong. Whenever Bob wanted to wee she would go and stand on the fireplace, squat down and wee. I didn’t know what to think! She obviously knew when she needed to go but she preferred to squat on the fireplace rather than use her new all singing, all dancing potty.

I tried to encourage her to use the potty, I made light of the accidents but casually asked why she was going to the fireplace when she wanted to wee but I got nothing. After several squats I asked Bob if she wanted to go back in her pull ups and she said ‘Yes.’

I give up! I have no idea what to try next! If anyone has any ideas that I haven’t tried they would be gratefully received! I am hoping that one day Bob will just decide that she wants to use her potty. If that doesn’t happen she may still be in pull ups when she’s 18!

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  2 Responses to “The Potty Diaries – The All Singing, All Dancing Potty”


    Oh bless her! I think that potty is a bit terrifying though?! 😉

    We waited till F was almost 3 as he just didn’t want to before then. I think they juts all get there in their own good time *helpful*


    You’ve probably heard this a million times before, I know I had.. but she will do it when she’s ready. Scarlett too went through a stage where she was brilliant with the potty, would even sit on the toilet unprompted, then it stopped. No matter what I tried, it didn’t work.
    However, when she turned 3, I told her that they didn’t make nappies in her size any more and she just accepted it. She had a few accidents, but I started to take her birthday toys away when she did (she was doing it on purpose – trust me I can tell lol) but after I took away her Doc McStuffins bag, she did it. Hasn’t had an accident since! x

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