Bob was doing quite well with her potty training. She was still unsure about going when out and about and liked to hold herself for as long as possible but she was getting there.

That was until we went on holiday. I thought that this may make or break her as we were away from home for nearly 2 weeks and there was no way she could hold herself until we returned.


We took her own potty with us which I hoped would help but Bob still wasn’t happy about using the potty or the toilet anywhere other than her house.

For the first half of our holiday the only way of getting her to go was to put her travel potty on the drivers seat of the car and let her ‘drive’ whilst she did her business. After about a week even this didn’t work and even if I persuaded her to sit on the potty she wouldn’t use it. We were back to square one.

I hoped that things would return to how they were when we returned home but this didn’t happen. I decided not to push things and hoped that Bob would decide that she wanted to use her potty again.


A week later Bob still didn’t want to use her potty or the toilet. She had her 2 and a bit years review and I mentioned what had happened to the health visitor. She said to leave her a few weeks and then try again.

Watch this space.

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  4 Responses to “The Potty Diaries – Lost The Potty Training Plot”


    Poor you and poor Bob. Hope things have improved since.


    She will do it when she is good and ready and surprise you 🙂

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