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My friends and I go away to Norfolk for a girly weekend once a year. My friend Emily’s parents own a caravan there and the kindly let us use it.


Whilst we were there in the summer we came across a spiritual fair at a village hall. There were palm and tarot card readings and you could buy many wonderful things.

My friend decided to have her cards read. Her reading was spot on. The cards described her and her current situation very well. Emily drew The Fool card and the lady explained that this meant that she was more than capable but wary of doing things for fear of what other people might think. We all agreed that this was very Emily. When the reading had finished we were all impressed. The lady’s manner and the reading were really good.

I was tempted to have mine read but I was at a rough point in my life and I was a bit unsure. I asked the lady if she could give me answers.  I wanted  to know that everything was going to be all right. She said the future was changeable so she couldn’t tell me what was going to happen but the cards could give me guidance.

I decided to go for it. Whilst I was choosing my cards one fell on the floor. The lady put it to one side and said we would save it for later as it was obviously important. My reading was also very accurate. She talked about a change in career and even mentioned my new career path. I had been thinking about this but I hadn’t told anyone!

She also mentioned the situation at home. My husband and I were going through a tough time and things weren’t looking good. She said that I needed to let my hair down more and my husband was stubborn and unlikely to change. She did say that we were strong enough to weather the storm and luckily she was right. Little did I know that when I had my cards read we were only at the beginning of the storm. Things got much worse but the lady was right. My husband and I got through it and we are now stronger than ever.

When she had finished with my chosen cards she turned over the card that had fallen on the floor. It was The Fool. I am very similar to Emily and I also hold back from doing things for fear of making a fool of myself. Even things that I know I can do. As soon as there are other people around I question my ability.

My friend Kiney then had her cards read. For the third time in a row the reading was scarily accurate. She summed up Kiney’s experience with men saying how she attracted men who wanted a mother figure when she needed someone to want her on even terms. We nodded along knowing the ‘boys’ she meant. The funniest thing was Kiney also chose The Fool card. This is obviously why we are such good friends! 3 fools together! 🙂


That night we went to the little clubhouse on the caravan site. We had several drinks and were remembering everything that the lady had said. Saturday night was Karaoke night and we would never normally sing. Emily decided that she was going to go for it.

By the end of the evening we had each sung a solo, followed by a group number of Somewhere Over The Rainbow with a dance break in the middle. 🙂 Did I mention that there was vodka involved? It was so much fun and everyone in the club seemed to enjoy it. They had been drinking vodka too. 🙂

In our drunken state we formed a band called The Fools and a man in the pub was talking about getting us bookings in the local pubs and clubs. Funnily enough this didn’t seem like such a good idea the next morning. 🙂


Having my cards read made me really believe in this sort of thing. I love spiritual things anyway but for all 3 of our readings to be so accurate was amazing!

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