On Friday, when I had put it off until I could put it off no more, we went shopping for clothes for the holiday. (See Holiday Showdown.) I wasn’t looking forward to this, as I still haven’t come to terms with my post baby body. To be honest, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I managed to get everything I needed, including some one-piece swimming costumes.

I have a distant memory of wearing bikinis. Pre Bob I wore tankinis. Now it is a tummy tightening, bottom-hiding swimsuit! The next step is one of those vintage swimming costumes, with bloomers that reach my ankles! Although I looked a sight in the mum style swimwear, if I squinted and tilted my head slightly to the right it wasn’t that bad.

The worst part of the day had to be lunchtime! We went to TGI Fridays and all was going well until the waitress brought Bob a balloon animal! Seriously! She’s 11 months old! Bob spent the next few minutes squeezing it and then went for the bite! I intercepted just in time and hid the balloon dog whilst providing a distraction!

Unfortunately, Bob isn’t stupid and she knew what I was trying to do. She spent the rest of the meal, which seemed like a lifetime, shouting, squealing and throwing food on the floor. I should point out that this is very out of character for her! I blame the dog!

Since then she can’t finish a meal without throwing some of it on the floor. She takes a piece of food in her hand, holds it over the edge of her highchair, waits until I am looking at her, smiles and then drops it! Ignoring her doesn’t work. She gets fed up of waiting and tips up her plate. Even when I tell her ‘No!’ in my best cross voice that has scared a class of 30 5 year olds before now, she laughs at me! It’s a good job she’s gorgeous!

I am hoping this is just a phase. A short phase! Otherwise our holiday could be worse than anticipated!

If your monkeys have been up to mischief, feel free to link up below. Happy Tuesday everyone! x

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    Oh dear! Sadly the dropping food phase can go on for a while! It is all about them thinking they’ve learnt a clever new trick I think annofcourse it always gets mummy’s attention too which is great! A was horrendous and has tipped some meals completely on the floor and has thrown plates of food too! She is over it now thank goodness so I hope it doesn’t last too long for you x


    Ah, I hate that stage. If it helps, put the food directly onto the highchair/(clean) table so that she can drop bits and pieces but she can’t upend the whole plate. It’s a tricky one, but it will pass eventually. She won’t go off to uni still throwing her food about the place…


      I have sticky plates and if she pulls it of I put it on the mat. It’s just so cheeky how she waits for you to watch her do it! The little madam! ;0)


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    Mine have all done this. In fact I dread taking my kids out for a meal because they cannot behave and wait patiently, not to mention meal times in my house are always a war zone!


    Oh dear! I was hoping that it was a short phase! x

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