We’re home! Hope you are all well! I have written a post about our holiday entitled ‘The Holiday Of 2 Halves’ but, as we have only just arrived home and it is Twosday Eve, I thought that I should post a Terrible Twosday first.

Bob was a little star during our holiday so I have found it hard to think of a Terrible Twosday. I have, however, thought of a funny thing that she liked to do, which caused a self inflicted tantrum

Bob loved the beach when we were on holiday. She loved playing in the sand and she loved going in the sea. The sea was cold but Bob didn’t seem to mind. She would cry to go in and then when we thought that she should come out, as she was starting to shiver, she would go mad! Crazy baby!

We enjoyed making sandcastles and Bob liked to ‘help’ us. When we had finished our masterpiece, Bob would have great fun destroying it. The problem was that she would then cry as the sandcastle had disappeared! I tried to build little one to make her happy but that wasn’t good enough! She wanted another work of art, but as these took us a long time, we were unable to recreate them immediately

Here are some photographs that show the destroying process.

We didn’t mind Bob flattening them but we did mind the fact that she cried when it had gone. As the old saying goes, ‘You can’t have your sandcastle and eat it!’ Although Bob tried to eat it on several occasions! 😉

If you have any Terrible Twosday tales from this week, or last, feel free to link up below.

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s good to be back!!!

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  6 Responses to “Terrible Twosday (Not Just For 2 Year Olds)”


    Ooooh, it looks like you had a lovely time (apart from crying over destroyed sandcastles). Can’t wait to hear more about your holiday. X


    Bless her! Mine can’t stay out of the water, even though they get misearably cold! Glad you all had fun


    How exciting! Hope you have a lovely time! x


    What a fab holiday .. making castles, destroying them and then crying about the fact it’s destroyed lol. Love the photo story x x


    Lovely photos, it is amazing how captivating sand can be isn’t it! Looks like a fab holiday x

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