Bob loves making videos and she also loves watching You Tube! The other day as she was watching an unboxing video she asked. ‘Mummy, do you think I could be on You Tube one day?’ When I told her that she was already on You Tube she was amazed!

I thought that she knew! Goodness knows what she thought I did with her videos. Maybe she thought we were just playing at video making. We watched a few of her review videos and she loved them!

Bob is now better at reviewing things than I am! She was sent some Splashlings ocean themed toys to review and she couldn’t wait to get started! She put on her Snow White dress and got to work.

Bob loves her new Splashing toys! She has also had lots of fun with them in the bath! We struggled to get the mermaid to change colour. I think we were supposed to use ice water but Bob was reluctant to try this. I think she was worried about getting cold. 🙂 It would be better if the mermaid changed colour when it went into any water but other than that I am impressed with the new Splashlings range.

splashlings coral playground

Splashlings can be bought for as little as £2.49 so they are a lovely little treat and great to collect. There are adorable sea creatures, treasure shells and beautiful mermaids in the collection.

Bob loves collecting little toys and Splashlings are great as you can play with them in the Coral Playground! Most of the little toys that she collects usually end up in a drawer. She gets them out and lines them up occasionally but she doesn’t really play with them. I think that she will play with her new Splashlings lots!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Splashing Toys free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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