Being a parent is hard! Having a newborn is exhausting, when they are toddling you can’t relax and just when you think the terrible twos have finished the threenager begins.

I am finding the threes much worse than the twos. Bob is so challenging and some days I just want to scream!

Luckily being a parent is also one of the most precious things in the world. No matter how much of a nightmare Bob has been, she only has to give me a kiss and a cuddle and my heart melts!

It is very easy to concentrate on the negative. When you are in the middle of a difficult situation you forget how wonderful they can be.

My New Year’s Resolution is to concentrate on the positives! Remember the wonderful times we have and try to brush past the difficult situations quickly.

To help me with this I have decided to write a weekly post about something that has made me smile. Some weeks it might be a big thing but it will probably mostly be the little things that could easily be missed.

My first smile has to be Bob’s way of smoothing things over. If she has been in trouble, after the situation has been dealt with, she looks me right in the eye, tilts her head to one side and asks, ‘Happy?’. That one word makes me lose all of my defences. How can I possibly stay mad at something so cute!

I tried to video Bob saying this but as I was asking her to do it, it seemed really fake. I am sure that many of my ‘Smiles’ will be photo/video filled but I really wanted to use Bob’s happy moment for my first post. Every time she says it my heart melts! It is impossible to capture this moment on camera at the time it is happening as I am usually trying not to grab her and hug her. I don’t want her to think that she can get away with murder by being so cute!

I thought that I would add a little linky to this post so that we could be positive together. If you have written about something that made you smile or captured a photograph that melts your heart I would love it if you linked up below. Posts from your archives are welcome as long as they make me smile. 🙂

The linky will open on a Saturday and run for a week, so feel free to pop in at any time. I am happy to read happiness any day of the week.

If you don’t have a blog and you would like to join in you can share you smiles on social media. On twitter & Instagram use the hashtag #shareasmile and tag me in the post so that I don’t miss it. You could even share a smile in the comments section or post one to my Facebook page if you prefer.

Looking forward to smiling with you. Smiles are contagious so it is better to share them than keep them to yourself!

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  9 Responses to “Share A Smile – Happy”


    Thank you for joining in with Linked. I have added a post that makes me smile.


    Aww that’s such a lovely idea – and she sounds like she’d definitely mastered making things happy again – what a little sweetie 🙂


    Brilliant idea!!


    What a great idea for a linky, and what a lovely thing to share, I hope that you get a video of it so that you can save it forever =)
    I have added a post that shares something that makes me smile, =D


    What a lovely idea for a linky. Being positive is so important as a parent. Hope I get time to join in soon Zx

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