We have been smiling from ear to ear this week!

My husband had to travel to London for work so Bob and I took the opportunity and gate crashed his trip to visit old friends. I went to university in London and many of my friends still live there.

The last time we went to London Bob was 18 months old and I didn’t feel prepared to negotiate the tube with a pushchair. We stayed in North London and my friends travelled to us. Now Bob is older I looked forward to showing her some of the sights of London.


We got to spend some time with Daddy on the Sunday before he went to work. We went on an open top bus and visited the Lions in Trafalgar Square. Bob was exhausted after all our fun!


We also went to the Rainforest Cafe but I will tell you about that later. That is a blog post all on it’s own!

On the Monday and Tuesday we stayed with my wonderful friend. She was the perfect host and I thought that our bill would be very expensive when we left! 😉

We met up with some friends on Monday afternoon and it was lovely for Bob to meet their children. I found it funny that we gathered in a food court next to a play area. Gone are the days of meeting in the pub.





On Tuesday we spent the day with another good friend and her family. Her daughter and Bob got on wonderfully and it made us realise that we had to meet up more often! We had a tea party and then went to explore Crystal Palace Park.



My friend hosted a dinner party on Tuesday evening which was wonderful! I got to spend time with friends and meet up with a friend who I haven’t seen in 14 years. we had a lovely evening looking through old photos and laughing.

Sadly on Wednesday it was time to come home. We have had enough smiles and memories to last a long time though.

Thank you to my friends for taking lots of photographs. I failed miserably as my phone was broken and I only had my husbands old phone with the smashed screen. Oh dear!

If you have written about something that made you smile or captured a photograph that melts your heart I would love it if you linked up below. Posts from your archives are welcome as long as they make me smile. 🙂

The linky will open on a Saturday and run for a week, so feel free to pop in at any time. I am happy to read happiness any day of the week.

If you don’t have a blog and you would like to join in you can share your smiles on social media. On twitter & Instagram use the hashtag #shareasmile and tag me in the post so that I don’t miss it. You could even share a smile in the comments section below or post one to my Facebook page if you prefer.

Looking forward to smiling with you. Smiles are contagious so it is better to share them than keep them to yourself!

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  8 Responses to “Share A Smile – London Baby”


    It sounds like you had a lovely time! I haven’t been to London for a good few years now, but can’t face the four hour journey with an eight month old.
    I totally know what you mean about meeting friends in child friendly places these days … We still manage the odd Starbucks but I think our days are numbered!
    Alana x


    Sounds like it was a lovely trip!


    What a lovely post, sounds like you had a great time, and all those gorgeous pictures =)


    Aww lovely photos and lovely post! Thank you again for hosting 🙂 xx


    What a great week, thanks for joining Linked.

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