I am so glad I decided to write a weekly positive post! This is only week 2 of Share A Smile and it is already making me see the wonderful parts of situations.

On Monday we were getting ready to go and visit my Nana. It was her 96th birthday! She had not been very well over the weekend but luckily she perked up in time to celebrate.

Bob had been playing in her room whilst I had a shower and she had made such a mess! After asking her to tidy her toys away several times I changed tactics. I told her that if she had too many toys and couldn’t tidy them away we would put some in a bag to take to the children who didn’t have any. I had thought that this would make her tidy up, I didn’t expect what happened next.

Bob looked at me and asked if some children didn’t have any toys to play with. I explained that not all children were as lucky as she was. Bob went and found a bag and started putting some of her toys in it to give to the children that were less fortunate than her. My heart swelled with pride! I no longer cared that her room was a mess! I was so proud of my kind, caring little girl.

Whilst we were sorting through Bob’s toys she came across hospital bear. Bob was given hospital bear by a nurse when she was in hospital about 18 months ago. Bob looked at hospital bear for a while and then turned to me and said, ‘I am better now but Great Nana is poorly so I’m going to give hospital bear to her.’

I had to hold back the tears! In a wonderful way!


We had a wonderful afternoon with Great Nana. Bob loved helping her to blow out the candles (luckily there weren’t 96 of them) and she loved giving hospital bear to Great Nana.


I had planned to take the toys that Bob collected to the charity shop but I wondered if there was anywhere we could take them so that the children would get them directly. If anyone knows of anywhere please let me know.

If you have written about something that made you smile or captured a photograph that melts your heart I would love it if you linked up below. Posts from your archives are welcome as long as they make me smile. 🙂

The linky will open on a Saturday and run for a week, so feel free to pop in at any time. I am happy to read happiness any day of the week.

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Looking forward to smiling with you. Smiles are contagious so it is better to share them than keep them to yourself!

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  10 Responses to “Share A Smile – Hospital Bear”


    Oh wow, you must be so proud of your amazing little girl. This post is great, and brought a real happy tear to my eye, how special and wonderful.
    I love the picture of Bob and her Great Nana.
    It might be worth contacting your local hospital to donate to the children’s ward? or local woman’s shelter they might take toys for the children staying there? I am not really sure if they would take direct donations?


      That’s the sort of thing I was thinking of. Not necessarily direct but so children had access to them. Thank you! I am so proud of her! She can be so lovely when she wants to be. 🙂 xx


    What a lovely post, you must be so proud of your little one 🙂 she sounds so thoughtful and generous.
    Great idea for a link-up too … I’ll be joining in again!
    Alana x


    That is so sweet, you must be very proud! x


    What a wonderful story, it made me smile. Thanks for Joining #Linked


    Lovely lovely girl. I made mine do this one Christmas and we donated to charity because we couldn’t find anywhere specifically for children. But the hospital ward suggestion sounds like a good one. Lovely that she did it unprompted.


    I can see why you are proud – almost brought a tear to my eye!!

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