Jul 232012

The other day we were up very early! Thanks Bob! She snuggled with her Daddy, watching The Aristocats and I couldn’t resist taking their photograph!

I had a slight panic when Bob tried to eat my memory card. I hadn’t uploaded the photos, as well as some other important ones, and the card wouldn’t work! Luckily, after the drool had dried, it worked again!!!

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    Aw so sweet! I love the first photo, so gorgeous and the colours work well too x


    Gorgeous photos and absolutely love that first one! xxx


    Well I’m going to be different and say the second one is my favourite…I just love the hand under the chin and the focus on her face! Loving the soft hues of the photos!


    Awww, beautiful photos. She is clearly really enjoying The Aristocats, and who can blame her, it’s one of my favourite ever Disney movies. The cuddling one at the beginning is adorable. X


    What a beautiful little lady! The softness of the photo captures the moment perfectly. I love the tender moment of the first and the intent focus of the second. Gorgeous! xx


    […] is, however, one exception to this. The Sepia setting is fab! When I was taking my See It! Snap It Love It photos for this weeks challenge the room was very dark and i was struggling. I tried the Sepia setting and […]


    Aaaah – beautiful pics, love the colour and frame effect.
    My toddler C has a taste for memory cards too – pleased to hear they get over the shock of being chewed 🙂 x


    O my life! just adorable photos! x

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