I love taking photographs. Since Bob arrived in our lives 7 years ago my love for photography has grown.

Digital photography has changed the way we see photos. I miss taking a film to the developers and the anticipation when you open the envelope. Now we know how our photos look as soon as we have taken them. It does help with waste as many of my prints were not very good. Now you are sure that all of your prints will be perfect but somehow, that’s not as exciting.

I also miss putting photos into albums. Most of my photos live on my laptop and they seem to get forgotten about. I recently learnt that not having a hard copy is very dangerous! My Mac crashed recently and I thought that everything was lost. I was heartbroken! Fortunately I know an amazing IT expert. She manage to repair my Mac and recover my photos.

I have vowed to always make copies of my photos and not to leave them hidden in digital form. Photo books are a great way to do this. I started putting all of my photos into albums but, as I was trying to catch up with years of photography it was taking forever. Photo books can be made straight from your phone or laptop and I love how they can be personalised too! There is a great deal on groupon at the moment, which is very helpful as I have so many to make. https://www.groupon.co.uk/discount-codes/shops/photobox.co.uk

I am determined not to let my beautiful memories lie in a folder on your computer. I am going to create some beautiful books that I can cherish forever. They will be wonderful for Bob & Bow to look back on too. The thought of them showing the books to their children one day makes me melt!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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