Written on the 27th July

We are having a wonderful holiday in Majorca!

I had a last minute panic as we were waiting to board the plane. We have insurance in case the baby comes early but I suddenly started to worry. If he did arrive in Majorca he wouldn’t have a passport. How would we bring him home? My husband told me not to worry. He was sure we would be able to sort something if that did happen but I couldn’t stop worrying. Luckily he is still in there and as we go home this evening I think we are in the clear.

We are having a lovely, relaxing time! It normally takes my husband 5 days to learn how to unwind. He is always wanting to do things and can’t sit still. He finally gets the hang of lying on a sun lounger when we are ready to come home. This time, as he has been so busy in the run up to the holiday, he was able to relax straight away.

Bob loves it here! She has done so much swimming and now doesn’t think twice about jumping into the big pool. I keep having to remind her that she still needs her arm bands! There is also a splash pool with water features and slides which we have had lots of fun in.

Bob has also enjoyed going to the kids club. She has been a couple of times and she comes back with handfuls of things that she has created. She has been given a special kids club t shirt and she is very proud of it.

She also loves the entertainment in the evenings. There is a mini disco, a bit bigger disco and a show. Bob loves all of it! She especially likes the part where they ask children to go up on the stage and perform. She has been up twice. Once to sing Magic Penny and the next time to dance to Let It Go. 🙂 I have a lovely little video which I will share with you soon.

Getting to grips with my gestational diabetes at an all inclusive buffet was challenging to say the least. I also struggled with drinks. Obviously I knew I wouldn’t be able to drink alcohol when I booked the holiday but now I couldn’t have drinks with sugar in them either. I mostly drank water, sparkling water and allowed myself an occasional diet coke as a treat.


I was late taking this photo with being on holiday. Ssshhh!

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