Written on the 20th July

We didn’t think we would get to go away this year. Times have been hard and my husband has been working ridiculous hours!

There are times when I felt like a 7 month pregnant single parent. Bob’s behaviour has been challenging and I wondered if she showing signs of behaviour that is common when parents separate. Michael was leaving before she got up in a morning and not getting home until after she had gone to bed.

Luckily all of his hard work has paid off! He was given a promotion and a bonus and told to take his family on holiday. Well, if they insist!

We have booked a last minute holiday to Majorca. I have had to get a fit to fly letter from my doctor. You are allowed to fly up to 36 weeks if you have a letter from your GP. It is a good job we didn’t leave it much later though as after 33 weeks insurance becomes tricky. We have paid for good insurance that covers us for preterm labour up to 33 weeks. We are covered for cancellation if anything was to happen that would prevent us from going and we are also covered for the cost of medical treatment if the baby should decide to join us in Majorca.

We are all looking forward to going away! A week together as a family is just what the doctor ordered after the last few months. 


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    I’m so glad your husbands hard work has paid off. It sounds like you and your family definitely deserve it! I’m sure your little girl will be over the moon when the new baby joins you! I hope Majorca will be a holiday to remember, enjoy yourselves 🙂

    – A

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