Written on the 6th July

My sister bought me a 4D scan for my birthday. I was really pleased as I had one done when I was pregnant with Bob and I wanted to do the same with baby number 2.

We took Bob with us as I wanted her to have a nice scan experience after the horribleness of our 20 week scan.

It was lovely to see our little man! We also had it fully confirmed that he is a little man and they gave us a photo to prove it. I won’t post that one as it might be too rude. 🙂 Bob enjoyed getting to see her baby brother and I think he liked seeing her too. He was smiling already! 🙂


I compared his 4D scan photo to Bob’s when I got home and I think you can see the resemblance.


Thanks Emma! It was lovely!


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    The smiling pic is lovely!! I can’t really see a resemblance between bob and bump you know, even their noses are different i think. I never had a 4d scan with either of my pregnancies, i was too nervous and thought it’d freak me out, thr 4d scans make them “real” if you know what i mean! Weirdo aren’t i. I know x


      I know exactly what you mean. I worried after seeing friends photos as when they have their eyes open they look really scary! Think when it’s your own you see past that though. My friend thinks our new baby looks like me from the photo and Bob looked nothing like me at birth. Who knows. 🙂 x


    I’ve never been a fan of 4d scans but I think seeing the resemblance of the two has just converted me! Is time flying? X


    I love how much you can see with a 4D scan. Ive never been pregnant but ive loved seeing the ones of my nieces and nephews x


    Awww it’s so exciting! it really is amazing how much you can see with the 4D scans!!


    I’ve never had a 4d scan – great that you had a good experience!


    Awww, how cute! There wasn’t as much access to 4D scans when I had my girls – I’d have loved to have seen them, as it would have made the pregnancy much more ‘real’ and helped to build that anticipation. x


    These scans are a great idea; Id love to have one done if I was expecting!


    such a great 4D picture and a great gift idea


    4d scans look so cool! I bet you’re so excited for little one to come!

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty


    Awww the smiling pic is just so adorable!

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