This post was written on the 18th May

A couple of days after I wrote my last post I started to feel the baby move again. I was so relived! It was different from before. The movements had all been fluttery feelings now they were short sharp nudges which I questioned each time they happened for a couple of days.

I felt more reassured going to my 20 week scan. Unfortunately the scan wasn’t a very nice experience. They thought there was a problem with the baby’s heart. The sonographer looked for a long time and I could tell she was worried.

Initially she said I would have to come back a week later. I didn’t like this idea as a week not knowing would drive me crazy with worry. She then decided to get a second opinion from her colleague and a better machine.

It was scary being in the room with both of them as I could tell they were both concerned. Luckily they eventually got a clear view and decided everything was alright.

When I got home I was really upset. I knew everything was alright but I couldn’t shake the awful feeling. I think it was just because I thought there was something wrong whilst I was at the hospital.


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