Written on the 15th June

I have still been struggling with acid reflux and sickness but this time I seem to be able to control it with diet and medication. Fingers crossed! 

Although I am on the same medication as last time I have been told to take it in a different way. When I was pregnant with Bob I was told I could take up to 2 tablets as and when required. By the time I took the tablet it was often too late. This time I have been told to take 1 tablet every morning and every evening. This seems to work much better. 

I am having to keep the things that I eat quite plain and I can’t tolerate creamy things at all. I am missing coleslaw but missing it is better than being ridiculously ill because of it. 

I am hoping that my symptoms don’t get any worse. At the moment things seem much more under control than in my last pregnancy. Hopefully I can avoid hospital this time around!


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