I didn’t suffer from morning sickness in my first trimester. In fact I had very little sickness until I was about 24 weeks pregnant. From then on I couldn’t keep anything down! Almost everything I ate made me sick. The only things that kept me going were Cadburys Buttons and  Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. I worried that Bob wasn’t getting the nutrition that she needed but my midwife assured me that she would take everything from me and that I would be the one that suffered.

Apart from this things went pretty well until I was 30 weeks pregnant. I started getting contractions. Knowing that they could be Braxton Hicks, I ignored them for a while. When they became more frequent and stronger we went to the hospital to get checked out.

They monitored me and I was given steroid injections to strengthen Bob’s lungs, incase she decided to come early. The doctor said that if the baby was to come she would be o.k. but she would prefer it if I got to 34 weeks. I just kept thinking that if she was born we would have to leave her in the hospital. That must be so hard! Luckily the contractions settled down, I was told to rest and we returned home.

A few days later I became very ill. I was unaware of how ill I was. My husband said that I became really ill really quickly. I was still struggling with sickness but other than that I thought that everything was o.k. My husband kept telling me that we were going to the hospital and I thought he’d lost the plot!

We arrived at the hospital and I kept apologising to the midwife, saying that I was wasting their time. She said that she would be the judge of that and she started her observations. She told me that I had severe keytone levels in my urine. I vaguely remember her putting me on a drip and feeling like I was going to pass out but that is about it. They pumped three bags of saline solution into me and I felt brilliant! My husband said that the change in me was unbelievable. It’s amazing what a bit of salt water can do!

When they discharged me from the hospital they told me that they didn’t want to see me again until my due date. I went one better than that and I didn’t return until I was a week over due! Think I must be one of the only people to be treated for preterm labour and then need to be induced. I have always been a bit odd! ;0)

You can read about the reason for my induction and my labour and birth story here.

Me at 38 weeks pregnant. I was thinner then than I am now! What’s that about?!?

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    Love your bump!!! xx


    […] it would be me who suffered, I couldn’t help panicking. I worried that my dodgy diet (See Pregnancy Problems) had caused her to stop growing. It was then that I decided to have a 4D scan, as it was a way of […]


    Sounds like you had a rather dramatic pregnancy then! Glad Bob stayed in the tummy and chubbed up 🙂

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