Mar 072014

I love books! My husband on the other hand had never read a book before he met me. Apart from the ones that he was forced to read at school. Don’t worry, I have now converted him!

Luckily Bob gets her love of books from me. Her Daddy asked her the other day if she preferred books pr television and she said books. I was so proud!

She loves being read to and she now loves to read to us. Her memory is amazing and she can pick up a book quite quickly.

Her favourite book at the moment is The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson. Every night she reads it to me and I think it is my favourite part of the day!

Obviously when I wanted her to read it for the camera she started being silly. This gives you a little insight.

To celebrate World Book Day we made our very own paper dolls. I think that I enjoyed it even more than Bob did! I am even planning my next dolls. I want them to have different hair styles and for some of them to wear dresses like the gorgeous ones in the book. 🙂




I love reading and I am so glad that Bob shares my passion! I don’t get to read as many grown up books since Bob came along but, as you can see, I enjoy the children’s books almost as much. 🙂

I am going away to Portugal for a hen do in May. I’m am quite scared about leaving Bob behind but I am also looking forward to be able to lie by the pool and read a book! We have been on 1 abroad holiday since Bob was born and I didn’t manage to do this.

Thomas Cook have developed an app to help you to choose the perfect holiday book. I love Sci Fi books and this wasn’t an option so I went with an adventure book instead. Roll on relaxing!

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    I loved making paper dolls as a child – thank you for the reminder, I’ll have to try them out with Kitty soon!

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