Jan 042013

Here is a little video of our Christmas. It has everything from Bob’s first taste of a mince pie to her very delayed reaction on Christmas morning.

After she had got over the shock, Bob had a lovely time opening her presents. She wanted to play with every one! My husband tried to rush her into opening the others as he was very excited but I told him to make the most of it. Soon Bob will unwrap them all so quickly! I really enjoyed seeing her cherish every one!

I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas!!!

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    hahahahahhahahahahahaha that is all xxxxx


    What a wonderful mummy Molly is!! Washing baby’s hair and everything. Loving Oscars entertainment too haha!! xxxx Another lovely video Charl xxx


    What a precious video, one to keep and laugh over in years to come! Please do join in my Christmas linky, ends tonight http://bit.ly/UvO9bk


    Wonderful video and so lovely to have for her to see as she grows up! xxx PS. Got so into it was disappointed I didn’t see you and Michael opening yours!

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