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In our house food containers vanish. They are obviously somewhere having a party with all of my missing cake tins.

We never seem to have enough so when Nude Food Movers asked us if we would like to review their range we were very pleased.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when the parcel arrived. I thought that they would just be basic food containers, I was wrong.


Their products are fab and very well thought out! My favourite product is the stackable snack tubes.


These are perfects for snacks on the go! They screw together so that you can use as many as you need and I think that they are a great idea!



They also sent a very clever lunchbox which contained a divider and two little snack boxes. The divider meant that there was no need for excess wrapping and the box is perfect for packed lunches.



All of their products are BPA free which makes them even better!


Bob’s favourite was the ladybird lunch bag. This is so cute and it’s eyes wobble! She was so pleased with it! It has a separate compartment for a drinks bottle and Bob thought that she was very grown up when she used it.



She loved the ladybird so much it became the subject of her photography. Like mother like daughter!


They also have a range of baby food containers which I wish I had known about when I was weaning Bob. They would be perfect for purées.

Eating out and about is much easier now we have these cleverly designed items. Hopefully these containers will stick around and not run of to party.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions and photographs are my own.

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    They look fab, I want the stacking snack things!!


    These look great, that snack pot is a great idea-perfect for when I go shopping with my boys as they constantly want food! x

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