Christmas is coming! Decorations are popping up everywhere, gifts are being bought, cards are being written and schools are busy practising for nativities and carol services. 

We can’t wait for the Christmas holidays! It will be lovely to have some quality time together as a family. Christmas is so magical when you have children and I can’t wait to see their faces on Christmas morning!

As well as getting ready for Christmas, we are also thinking ahead to January and the start of a new school term. Bob moved to her new school in September and she loves it! She has come on leaps and bounds this term. She does her homework as soon as she brings it home, loves to read her books and is excited to go to school every morning. It is lovely to see her doing so well!

Whenever I tell her about an exciting day out that We have planned she thinks about how she can tell her friends and write about it at school. I know she will have so much fun over the Christmas break that she will be thrilled to go back to school and share her adventures with everyone.

Marks and Spencer’s offered to help us to be prepared for the start of the new term by sending us some new uniform. Bob seems to be growing weekly at the minute so I was very pleased to have some help. They sent Bob a selection from their school uniform collection. I chose some tights, polo shirts, a pinafore dress, some shoes and a winter coat. Bob saw the coat arrive and she has been asking to wear it everyday since. I told her she had to wait until I had taken some photographs.

The sizing at Marks & Spencer’s is much more accurate than the cheaper uniform that you can buy. When I am picking up last minute items I always size up. There is no need to do this with M & S. Bob looked lovely in her new uniform but she has some growing to do before January. I’m not worried as she is growing so fast at the moment that I am sure it will fit her in no time.

back to school in january

I was really impressed with the quality of the uniform. The tights are much thicker than the ones that Bob currently wears. They will be perfect for cold January mornings! The polo shirts also seem much nicer than cheaper alternatives.

Bob loves her new shoes. When I was trying to take a photo of her in her uniform she kept pointing to them.

good quality girls school shoes

They have a cushioned sole and Bob says they are really comfortable. She loves the sparkly hearts on them too.

new school shoes

She loves her new coat even more! As she pulled her arms into the sleeves she gasped as she realised that the cuffs were sparkly!

gorgeous girls winter coat

The coat is padded and it has a wonderful fur hood. It also has a gorgeous white fur lining that is so soft! I was planning on saving the coat for the new term but Bob loves it so much she insisted on wearing it!

fluffy coat

Thanks Marks & Spencer’s! We are now all set up for the new school term. Unless Bob insists on wearing everything before then.

happy and warm

Disclaimer: I was sent some uniform free of charge for the purpose of this post.

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    I can’t believe how grown up she is looking!

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