This week I realised that my little girl is so brave and even more of a super star than I thought!

The incident is not one to smile about but seeing how Bob handled it and how amazing she was is definitely a reason to smile!

We were sat having dinner on Tuesday evening. Bob had been back at nursery for the first day after the Easter holidays and she was quite tired. In our kitchen we have a table with a bench to sit on. As our dining table is not set up yet we have been eating all of our meals in the kitchen.

Bob was sat eating her fajitas when she disappeared. It was surreal! One minute she was there and the next she wasn’t. She seemed to flip of the bench backwards.

I didn’t see what happened after she fell as she was at the other side of the table but I knew she was upset so my first concern was to calm her down. I picked her up, gave her a big cuddle and started to talk to her.

It was then that I noticed the blood. It was all over her blonde hair. I realised that she must have banged her head on the skirting board.

My husband was in the car with the engine running almost as soon as he saw the blood. As the blood was sticking to her hair we couldn’t see the damage. I decided to clean her up a bit first as I was hoping it wouldn’t be as bad once the blood had been washed away.

I bathed her hair and as soon as I saw the cut I knew we had to go to A & E. Bob had settled by now and although she wasn’t too keen on going to see the doctor she knew it was for the best.

We were only at A & E for 2 hours in total which I think is a record. Bob was seen by the triage nurse quickly and then we had to wait for her to be treated.

Bob had a great time with all of the toys in the waiting room. She made everyone smile as she was playing so lovely! She kept asking if we could come to the hospital again another day. I hope she doesn’t get any ideas!

When it was Bob’s turn to be seen she held my hand and bravely walked in to the room. She let the doctor look at her head it had been bleeding again so the doctor cleaned it up and Bob stayed very still.

He said it would need to be glued. I can’t believe how far medicine has progressed! My sister cut her head when she was younger and she had to have stitches. She then had to go back again to have them removed. My nephew cut his head about 10 years ago. He had dissolvable stitches which my sister could bathe off. Nowadays they use glue. The glue forms a scab and you have to keep it clean and dry for a few days then the scab will fall of.

It looked quite painful as the doctor had to squeeze her cut together but Bob was so brave! She didn’t even murmur! I was wincing away but luckily she couldn’t see my face.

I am so proud of Bob! She was unbelievable brave! I don’t think I would have handled the situation so well!

We had a quite few days and Bob learnt to milk her injury. When we got home from the hospital it was quite late and we allowed Bob to fall asleep on the settee so that we could keep an eye on her. The next night her daddy was late home from work. When I told Bob that he wouldn’t be back before bedtime she said, ‘That’s alright. I will watch a film and fall asleep on the settee and then Daddy can carry me up to bed.’

That girl has me wrapped around her little finger!


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  14 Responses to “Share A Smile – My Brave Little Soldier”


    Awww, I am so glad that Bob is ok, she was a brave little lady! Sounds like she is a clever one too! Hehe



    I’m Tegan, I blog over at, I have just linked up with you – my first ever time linking up, I hope it’s ok as I’m fairly new to this! :-).

    Basically, the link I chose is because when I read it it makes me smile, seeing how much my life has changed – for the better – in those every day little occurrences!

    Glad to hear your girl is ok – how brave she is!


    Oh bless her I hope she is now fully recovered! Often they’re much braver than us which always makes me smile (when it’s all over of course!) x


    Aww! Bless her….She is so brave! You too!
    It is so scary when little one’s get hurt.
    I hope she is fully recovered now 🙂 x




    I am so glad that she is okay! Brave indeed!


    Glad everything turned out ok, kids can have a traumatic time going to emergency rooms.


    Bless her heart and yours! Hugs! Teresa


    Aww bless her 🙁 hope is is ok and feeling better? I bet it mum needs lots of hugs too, I know how seeing your child hurt feels. my son hit his head on a fence walking to the park. I nearly passed out when I seen the blood..


    Oh no, poor thing. I hope that she is much better now. I know how they get and how they can be when they are sick. Wish you all the best, may God bless her always.


    What a champ.


    Awww She’s too cute to not be feeling well. I remember the day though when my children were little. One get that all got it and my heart would just break one after another. Kill the bug with love and attention… oh I mean the baby girl give her the love & attention & that bug will run away!!! 🙂 HUGS

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