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I have a mixer that cost me a small fortune. It is a very well known brand and I thought that I would love it and it would last me a lifetime. 

I have been disappointed with it. The beater doesn’t seem to reach the bottom of the bowl so in order to mix thoroughly I have to put pressure on top of the mixer. 

I have also damaged the beaters. I popped them in the dishwasher and they are now iodised. I have cleaned them up as much as I can. Unfortunately, when I use them they turn my cake mix a strange grey colour. 

I was delighted when I was asked to review a stand mixer for Vonshef. Their mixers look lovely! They are in the sale on Amazon at the moment for £69.99. This is only a fraction of the price that I paid for my current mixer so I was interested to see if it would be any good.

cheap stand mixers

When I unpacked the mixer I was already impressed! Here are some of the things I noticed straight away:

* The bowl has a handle! This is something so simple but so useful! 

* The cover fits perfectly to the bowl so there is less mess, even when I overfill it trying to make a million cupcakes! 

* It has liquid measurements printed on the inside.

* It has all the beaters that you need included in the price! A dough hook, a K beater and a whisk.

I couldn’t wait to use it so I decided to make lots of chocolate cupcakes to test drive my new toy. Bob and Bow couldn’t wait!

is it ready yet

As soon as I started using the mixture I was very happy. The beater reaches the bottom of the bowl! I was thrilled that I didn’t have to stand putting pressure on the mixer. It mixed well all by itself which meant I could get on with measuring and sieving.

chocolate cake mix

I really enjoyed using my new cream mixer and I love it so much that I am going to throw my old one away. I always thought that you got what you paid for and price reflected quality. This mixer has proved me wrong. It’s a bargain and it’s fantastic! 

making cupcakes

Disclaimer: I was sent this mixer in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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  9 Responses to “Mixing Fun”


    Yeah sometimes price does not equal quality! Still, it sounds like you’ve found a really good mixer now!


    Those cupcakes look lovely and the mixer sounds great. I have one from Aldi that I adore and it only cost me £35.


    We have a Kitchen-Aid mixer and it has hummed along perfectly. May I suggest you donate your old mixer to a charity shop instead of tossing it?


    That is such a great price for a mixer! And really interesting that you can compare it to another (more expensive) mixer. I’ll be sure to let my baking sister know about this!


    I have to say the bowl having a handle although simple is very useful. I wish more mixers would have one as it makes them easier to attach and detach from the device.


    Love the mixer and those muffins look so tasty.


    As someone who absolutely loves baking this seems like a dream come true, it has a handle? And a lid? Amazing!


    What a great sounding mixer, I have always done everything by hand because I don’t have space for a kitchen but once we have a refit with more surface areas I am definitely going to get one x

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